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welcome to Bonnie Bennett Creative
Sunny Isles beach Presentation Kit for Sunny Isles Beach Iconic Branding for the City of Sunny Isles Beach City of Sunny Isles Beach Street Banners Sunny Isles Beach merchandizing
2009 Sunny Isles Beach calendar Corporate Identity, Vila and Son Presentation kit, Raiffe, MD Alterspace corporate identity Fair Market Realty Group identity
Corporate identity, Basketcase Industry kit, Basketcase Branding for Miami Jewish Home Prudential Properties Campaign Medical research brochure, Beckman Coulter
Season of Festivities, Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne NSMC ongoing ad series Loehmann's Fashion Island ad series Energizing for Excellence Disney/Tupperware collaberation
Macy's Spring Must Haves 2008 Spring Features, Macy's 2008 Love Book for Macy's Florida Blue magazine The Edge
Partner Magazine Venetian Style Magazine, fall 2005, Style section Venetian Style, spread from Fashion Section Blue Man Group, featured in Venetian Style Magazine Venetian Style Magazine, Happenings section
Venetian Style Magazine, Art Section Venetian Style Magazine, Spring 2006 Venetian Style Magazine, Spring 2006 Venetian Style Magazine, Style Watch opening spread Celebrity Focus, Venetian Style Magazine
Sports Mural Sports Icons for Community Park, City of Sunny Isles Beach Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum, Pittsburgh PA Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum, Pittsburgh PA Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum, Pittsburgh PA
Intersection In Writing Seasons Continuum Little Red
un aller veil beach comber ocala orchid bloom
The Intricate, the Delicate, the Infamous Butterfly triptych American girls chapter header for 'The Tradition Continues' chapter header for 'The Tradition Continues'
Savannah Brussels by day

Brussels by night

NYC, Paris and back Mythical places
Happy North Shore ad series High school days Nashville Driving without a floorboard
community chess guitar class barrister guitar class special event
BONNIE BENNETT is an accomplished creative professional with a proven record of success in a wide variety of industries, including hospitality, retail, commercial development, non-profit, tourism and museums. For nearly two decades she has created award winning work for clients such as The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, the Ritz Carlton, MCI, Univision, Macy's, Disney, Publix, AvMed, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and The Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum.
Based in Miami, Florida, Bonnie Bennett Creative provides outstanding client customer service in the following areas:
  • Creative direction, design and production
  • Full creative project management
  • Corporate identity, branding, publications
  • Typography design and presentation for print, the web and multimedia
  • Photographic and fine arts services
  • Environmental graphics, architectural/museum installation
  • Interior design planning and exhibition graphics
For more information, please click here.

Bonnie Bennet Creative is based in Miami, Florida. Please call 305-756-8988 or click here to reach Bonnie Bennett by email.